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Restaurant Reviews
  • Teddy’s and the Bully Bar

    I get excited about food; that's a given. But when I find that little perfect compliment to food we call "service", I dance a jig. Ladies and gentleman, get on your feet for Teddy and the Bully Bar.

    Sitting on the outskirts of Detroit, Miller’s has been satisfying the local’s "red meat fix" since 1941. The approach is as simple and as beautiful as the burger itself. Make a great burger, and THEY WILL COME.
  • Miss Shirley’s

    Baltimore Maryland is not southern or northern. It is Mid-Atlantic. When you are searching for southern comfort in Baltimore harbor Miss Shirley’s is tops for simple food cooked right.
  • Shop House

    I have learned that it is best to write about food experiences “in the moment”.   And despite the fact that I am driving, I had to jot down the sensations going on in my mouth. Sorry Oprah! I remember the excitement of Ch...