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2011 Food Recap

Posted December 29, 2011 by foodiesandfatties in Blog


I have experienced the buzz of a new hot spot; I have watched every food show imaginable; I have eaten the insanely delicious, deplorable disgusting and out right creative beyond measure. I have eaten my way through another year: 2011. Grab a fork, knife or spork as I recap the best of 2011. **No salt necessary**

The Food Tube

Whether you are a triple D fan or a Martha Stewart devotee, there were plenty of food shows to entice your appetite. Knife skills and off the cuff menus were on display in competitive food. Richard Blais got redemption when he won Top Chef: All Stars; while Marcus Samuelsson got honors as the winner of Top Chef: Masters and fell short on Iron Chef: Super Chefs . That title went to Geoffrey “the jerk” Zakarian (can you tell I am biased?) The sandwich king, Jeff Mauro, became the Next Food Network star and the inaugural Great Food Truck Race crowned The Lime Truck the king of mobile cuisine.


And The Chew debuted in hopes of trying to become the day time “Kings of Culinary”. With mixed reviews hopefully Clinton, Daphne, Carl, Michael and Mario will gain some ground in 2012.

Restaurant Reviews

The year 2011 did not disappoint when it came to new food restaurants. From coast to coast, across the seas and around the corner, the widely innovative chefs brought their inspection grade “A” game this year. In the Chi new restaurant, Ruxbin is serving food memories at the off-the-beaten-path restaurant being led by Edward “Teddy” Kim (Yes, as in Teddy Ruxpin). Down south chef owner Sean Brock opened Husk in Charleston, SC where he has taken scratch cooking to another level with his sensational Southern menu. Then there is Red Rooster in Harlem which is leading the modern Renaissance in Harlem. Having completed an internship there, I know first-hand the quality coming out of the kitchen. Finally I would be remiss if I did not tell you about my home town favorite and the cult following at Toki Underground in Washington, DC. Those silken noodles are laced with depth, flavor and synergy.


Food Regulations

The ancient mystique of the (food) pyramid scheme fell and out of the ashes rose the concept of “The Plate”. Personally I credit the passionate mission of first lady Michelle Obama who has made it her personal platform to make America healthy. Let’s Move gained ground with celebrity star power.


Emerging Cuisine

America is definitely a hodge podge of cultures. It is what makes the US the greatest country in the world. With a melting pot of brewing cuisines, Halal emerged as the culture to devour. Great eats from the likes of Bamiyan in New York city where the pumpkin turnovers and or bareh (spicy lamb kabobs) are exciting palates everywhere.

Technically Speaking

“Balling on a budget” dealsters (yes, I invented that word), Groupon and Living Social slashed prices as some of your favorite known and unknown eateries. And Grub With Us helped us make friends over a meal and glass of merlot. The reservation titan Open Table is on the ropes as Google hinted they will give the online reservation site a run for its money in 2012. And a download frenzy of food apps hit the scene promising the greatest recipes and insider restaurant tips.

Glutton for Gluten

If you did not know what gluten was in 2010, you sure found out in 2011 (or maybe you are still confused like me). I once thought I was doing my body justice by eating wheat. I did not know gluten would become the outlawed protein of the grain community. From gluten-free blogs to complete gluten-free living, gluten is now the food’s scarlet letter.

Food Day!

Add one more “food” day honoree: National Food Day! If you missed it, the debut was October 24th. If you are torn between celebrating National Panna Cotta Day and National Purple Foods Day, just celebrate National Food Day! It is everything you want to eat!

It was sooo good, I wrote about it                             

Food blogging is not going anywhere; I will personally see to that. The open-to-the-public food diaries exploded in 2011. Everyone with a camera phone and half a vocabulary started their “unique” grub dissertations of what they love, hate and laugh about in the kitchen. The stand outs we all should hold as examples are 101 cookbooks, smitten kitchen, the kitchn, cake wrecks and of course mine 🙂

I was impressed by food this year (as I always am). Just when I thought my taste buds had covered it all, it gave me more. It is the one constant that may make you hate it, but you will always fall back in love with it.

Bon Appetit!

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