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2012 Presidential Candidates’ Food Habits

Posted December 21, 2011 by foodiesandfatties in Blog

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What is it about people’s eating habits that we find so interesting? This voyeuristic fascination peaks when celebrities and politicians are concerned, and even more so when we’re talking about our presidential candidates. Do we believe that the way a candidate eats his pizza speaksto how well he can run a country? Or are we just being food voyeurs? Probably the latter.

Regardless, we at HuffPost Food can’t help but satisfy our curiosity; we want want to know what the Obamas ate on their first presidential restaurant outing (at Citronelle, he had the 72-hour short ribs and she had the lobster burger), and what’s really in the Ron Paul family cookbook (thousand island dressing, and Velveeta, for starters).

So if you’re curious which candidate devours celery by the stalk and which pulls the cheese off their pizza, read on.


Chocolate Milk Addict: Mitt Romney
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Romney subsists largely on turkey breast, rice and broccoli, according to Politco’s new ebook about the 2012 campaign. The book also divulges that he strips the cheese off of his pizza and the skin off of his chicken (essentially stripping his food of all the flavor).

But Romney’s food choices aren’t only flavorless protein and limp veggies, he has a couple of food vices like the rest of us — if you can call them that. His wife, Ann Romney, shared in an interview with Parade that this presidential candidate “loves cold cereal. And caffeine-free Diet Coke.” But that’s not all, Romney also has a soft spot for low-fat Over the Moon chocolate milk.

He likes his chocolate beverages hot as well. As a devout mormon, Mitt Romeny abstains from coffee and tea. Instead, he indulges in hot chocolate to get himself going.

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