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The Bourgeois Pig

Posted November 10, 2011 by foodiesandfatties in deanna

The Bourgeois Pig: AKA “Cheese-&-Wine-Heaven-On-Earth”

Deanna, the Mediterranean Mama

 I am thrilled to begin sharing my many culinary experiences with you by starting with one of my true hot spots, and undiscovered finds in NYC – The Bourgeois Pig. Sounds French, fancy, and expensive, right? WRONG! Think cheese fondue, killer wine, bruschetta galore, and an atmosphere that is warm & inviting… perfect for a date or a fun night out with a couple of close friends!

Located in the heart of the east village, you really have to keep an eye peeled for this hole in the wall gem, as it is only marked by a tiny red neon sign with the restaurant’s name… and very fittingly, a small picture of a pig on the cement door. On 7th St between 1st and Ave A, the young NYU and LES crowd hardly reads “we like cheese & wine on Friday night,” but oh, the restaurant surely does!

Upon entering, the inside immediately feels tiny yet cozy. There are roughly 10-15 tables and a small bar area towards the back of the restaurant. The lighting is extremely dark, doubled by red and maroon colored overstuffed couches, tasseled fluffy pillows, chic antique tables, and candles as the main source of light… the aura in here just screams “1920’s speakeasy!” Your weekly worries immediately begin to melt away as the dark mood begins to envelope your senses. They do not take reservations so be sure to arrive ready to wait a few minutes if it is a Friday or Saturday night.

I should also state that I am not a French food, French wine, or even a cheese connoisseur. I go for the cheaper bottles of wine on the menu, and cheese is always a good idea in my book even if that means ordering slices of Velveeta! This restaurant just seems to put together pure flavors, fresh ingredients, and they dance in your mouth to create a pure harmony of well-balanced flavors. All without breaking the bank as a pot of fondue goes for roughly $25 bucks (easily split between 3 people and comes with veggies, bread, and potatoes). And really, who doesn’t like cheese & wine? Cheese is truly an opiate of the masses.

I came to this restaurant for the first time to have a quiet intimate dinner with 2 other girlfriends. We wanted to gab, gossip, drink, and eat. We scored on all of the above, big time. One bottle of red, one bottle of white, and a massive pot of fondue later we were singing a happy, cheese and wine-induced tune.

I could go into detail on the menu, the different offerings, the bruschettas and small plates to start… but I will spare you. Go to their website and read up on them if you want — www.bourgeoispigny.com

The true reason behind this posting, and the only thing I wish for you to take away should you attend this fine establishment… is that you MUST, without a doubt, go and order only one item: Blue Cheese & Honey fondue. Order whatever else you like in accompaniment, but promise me you will try this? Please? For me? We have been friends for 5 paragraphs now, you can’t let me down!!!

The tanginess of the blue cheese is somehow perfectly mellowed out with a touch of honey and a splash of cream, all melted together to bring a true battle of sweet & salty upon your taste buds. There are really no better words to describe how great this fondue is. I should add a special note: one of my best friends dislikes blue cheese, but she loves this fondue. I don’t know how they do it, but they made this stereotypical stinky cheese into a delightful entrée that anyone could appreciate.

To top the night off, the series of sweet dessert fondue’s are to die for. We chose a milk chocolate & Grand Marnier pairing (because, really, why stop with the liquor on a Friday night, after 2 bottles of wine?). The orange and chocolate mixture is a match made in heaven, and was a perfect way to end this gluttonous meal of dairy indulgence. Do yourself a favor the next time you are in the LES, go to the Bourgeois Pig. Bonus tip: Monday & Tuesday nights they offer half price bottles of wine! Buon Appetito, or as the French would say: Bon appétit!!


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