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Bimbap Burger, Caesar Salad, Kimchee, Ramen Noodles


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Chef Sosa has refreshed the menu with some nice additions to the no-fuss menu American menu with Asian kick and packed with flavor.


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AMERICAN with an Asian kick

I do not give “celebrity chefs” the benefit of the doubt. In fact, as a chef, I think I can be (as most chefs are) quite critical of other chefs and their food. But there is one thing that is true. When I love something, I love it unabashedly and with reckless abandon.

Social Eatz opened a little over a year ago to much fanfare. I resisted the groupie rage and let the “buzz” subside a little before trying Chef Angelo Sosa’s New York spot. Besides, I am a “Top Chef” fan and I could only resist so long.

I could not have picked a better time to visit. Sensing a need for tweaking, Chef Sosa has refreshed the menu with some nice additions to the no-fuss menu American menu with Asian kick and packed with flavor.




I did not even have to ask. It is right there on the menu. “Our customers deserve a dining experience that seduces. My mission is to expose your palate to new flavors and share the story of my passion for food. – Chef Angelo Sosa”


The Bibimbap Burger– It survived the revamped menu and for good reason. That perfectly slowed-cooked egg which sits atop hand-crafted burger is a perfect coating. This “Between Bread” is easily in my Top Ten Burger in New York.

Caesar Salad – Why in the world am I suggesting a Caesar? One word: Dressing. I love it when classics are given a spin. The yuzu-parmesan dressing is an unexpected citrus explosion. Me likey!

Kimchee Wedge– I tweeted last week that iceberg was as old as the clothing line and to step your green leaf game up. Well, if you can do wedges like this, I will enjoy the retro flashback anytime. Of course seductive slices of slow-braised pork belly could be slapped on a trash can lid and I would love it! But this wedge is worth the attention. Ease up on the dressing though, Chef. I was drowning in sweet and sour.

Korean Fried Chicken – Don’t you dare say KFC! That’s not fried chicken. I am going to go out on a limb and call this the best thing on the menu. If Korean’s fry chicken like this, put me on a plane to the Orient.

Chicken Ramen Noodles – Full of flavor and one of the best bowls you will find outside of China Town.

BEST DAY TO GO: Any. The food is good every day. No special events on any specific day.

TIP: Ask for the waitress Jordan. She was not stumped by a single question on the menu and did it with a smile.



232 East 53rd Street

New York, NY 10022


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