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Call me old-fashion, old school or down right nostalgic.  But I still grin every time I drive down a perfectly paved road in small town America.  Nothing says America like “Main Street”; which is exactly where I found myself on in Middletown, Delaware.

Blink once and you’ve driven through Middletown.  Blink twice and you’ll drive through the entire state.  The thrill of black jack in Dover Downs was the only reason I’d ever stop in Delaware.  That is until I found the good folks at – The Java House.

I’m no fan of coffee.  I don’t need it in the morning and it does nothing to help me stay awake. For me to write about a coffee shop there had better be something beyond the bean. The unsuspecting Java House is dishing up plates of passion every day with a boutique menu of pastries, paninis and perky juice.


Just barely a year old, Java loyalists have already latched on to the cozy café.  Owners and couple Mark and Cleo opened the shop because they saw a “lack of coffee culture and social flavor.” “Besides”, as Mark chuckled, “I love coffee.”

Their signature line of organic coffee

The chalkboard written menu is an ever changing work in progress.  I asked Cleo for their signature sandwich and 10 minutes later out popped one of the best paninis I have ever eaten, The Jerk (how apropos).

The crunch of ridge crusted bread; the warming of melted cheese; the satisfaction of flavor explosion, that’s the Jerk.  A clever layering of supporting flavors makes this sandwich irresistible. The juiciness of jerk chicken accents the perfectly melted pepper jack cheese.  While the sweet red pepper and roughage of fresh spinach round out the Caribbean inspired Panini. A hands-down must when you visit. Ya mon!


For the coffee lovers Java has a brand new signature line of organic coffees.  And the black forest cappuccino I had even impressed me.  I can’t say I will be a regular at the Java House in Middletown.  But whenever I decide to go back down the unbeaten path, it’ll be a welcome reminder of wonders of small town America.


The Java House

104 West Main Street

Middletown, DE 19709


Bon Appetit! 

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