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With the end of 2013 and the advent of a new year, it’s more than obvious to talk about the Food that stirred the world during this splendid year. No, I am not talking about fitness or fashion trends; I am emphasizing here solely on the food trends of 2013. If you’re a foodie, you’d understand and if you’re not, you’d become one soon. Here’s a listing of some of the most revolutionary food crazes that ruled the world as they joined it in the past year.

Cronut: The most ground-breaking and earth-shattering innovation in food that took place in 2013 was the Cronut: It is unquestionably the emperor of the food-scene for the last year and one novelty that’s going to stay for long. It’s rather a mishmash of a croissant and a doughnut (in fact even better). It’s one foodstuff that satiates your taste-buds, makes you dash for more of it and promises to give its creator, the Dominique Ansel Bakery, the profits they couldn’t have anticipated. Yay! Cronut!



Pizza Hut Crazy Cheesy Crust Pizza: You’re a Pizza fan? Especially when there is oodles of cheese in it? If yes, then Pizza Hut’s Crazy Cheesy Crust Pizza might be one huge and fantastic food introduction for you. This came about in 2013, bowled over many Pizza fans, wasn’t loved by some, but every cheese loving foodie craves it (wishing the cheese was a little more-melted) Ah Ah!

pizza hut

McRib: The McRib was reintroduced by McDonald’s at the end of 2012. It comes and goes, goes and comes; but, it’s one of the most popular things McDonald’s has ever brought in. It’s their legendary boneless pork sandwich which is fairly controversial because of the procedure used in its creation and its health-deteriorating ingredients. Yet, in 2013, the McRib did hang about and bless its fans.


Kale: This leafy green vegetable is the Super Food of 2013. It’s popularity literally blew up in the past year. Kale has it all: lots of iron, vitamin K (and that’s why it protects you from Cancer), calcium, antioxidants and no fats. You read it right: Absolutely no fats. And that’s why there’s the trendy slogan: Eat More Kale!


Pop Tart Icecream Sandwich: Carl’s Jr. released its pop-tart ice-cream sandwich in the summer of 2013 and gave the masses a breakfast dessert that they can relish and take pleasure in. It’s a mouthwatering sandwich with a vanilla scoop inserted between two strawberry pop tarts. And if you love to trust me: Try it right now!


The Ramen Burger: If you’ve got the savory tooth, this brilliant creation has landed the earth for you. The Ramen Burger occupies one of the top slots in the year’s most incredible and bizarre food trends. Two discs of cooked and grilled Ramen noodles serve as the buns of the burger with a beef patty in between. It’s a Japanese-American blend of food and something we have all fell in love with. Yum!


Mexican S’mores: This joined the 2013 food vista in December when El Pollo Loco introduced a new take on the traditional s’mores and fascinated people like never before. The new dessert is made with a chocolate flour tortilla folded around mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, and graham crackers, dusted with powdered sugar. This time it’s about chocolate: scrumptious, yummy, delectable chocolate. That’s called ‘Ecstasy’.


So, what has been 2013’s lip-smacking, pioneering, remarkable, breathtaking, succulent, most idealistic and epic-food for you? Ah! This makes me feel like eating, yet again!


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