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Technically, I was born in Washington, DC so most would call me a Northerner.  But the sweet homes of “Atlanta” and all things southern hold a special place in my life.  Because I do not live down South, I keep my ears open for the crackling of fried chicken skin in vats of oil and smell of cornbread right out the oven.  And while I have a pretty good list of places for Southern cuisine, it is never too long that I am not willing to add one more to my list of  “down-home” dining.

Granny’s is almost five years old and by the looks of it, they will get over the “5 year-hump” that most restaurants consider as the “make-break” point.  Recently relocated to their new location in Owings Mills, Maryland, the restaurant offers an airy one-level dining room with a fitting bar for drinks when you enter.  Perhaps the Sweetheart Sangria or the Uncle June Bug  from the customized-cocktail menu are good options while you wait to be seated.

The food is worthy of your dollars and the service is worth a generous tip.  Do not be surprised if you see Chef Valari mingling at every table to ensure your experience is just how she intended: A good meal, good price and good time.




Valari and Aaron Dorsey are the owners.  Valari serves as the head chef and this Southern sit down pays homage to her grandmother — hence the name.  It is down-home atmosphere with a modern sophistication.  Chef Valari has recreated Southern hospitality in a Northern climate.


ask for:

SOUTHERN GREENS –  Warning!  If you do not like heat, these greens are not for you.  In fact, our waiter brought us a sample before we committed to these fiery greens.  Chef Valari says it is a combination of cayenne and finely chopped jalapenos that give them the kick.


MACARONI AND CHEESE – I like to think of myself as a true elbow connoisseur, so I can be a bit critical.  But this is a solid mac and cheese.  It is well seasoned with a decent amount of cheese.


FRIED CATFISH – As good as any Friday night fish fry I have ever been to.  Not overly seasoned or greasy with a good crunch.


BROWN SUGAR LEMONADE – Okay this has the same amount of sugar as a box of Domino’s but it is a Southern restaurant!  What do you expect?  And replacing white sugar with brown sugar is a nice touch.  Personally, I love it.




CHICKEN AND WAFFLES – It’s on every Southern menu there is, so it’s rare to get or find some with something new to offer.  This particular one is a tale of two cities.  Flavor town delivers with the chicken while the waffles are a bit doughy and thick with no crunch.  For me, you should not have to drown the waffle in syrup unless you are trying to hide your disappointment with the waffle.



best day to go:

Friday!  Live Jazz!



Sunday is as busy as a Baptist church on Mother’s Day.  Unless you are patient, go early on Sundays or not at all.



10300 Mill Run Circle

Owings Mills, MD 21117

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