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Posted January 23, 2012 by foodiesandfatties in Blog

The last ornament has been removed, the candy canes have been consumed by the kiddies and all the yuletide caroling is but a distant echoing in the wind.  The holidays are OVER…..but I still have food!  So what!! I love food!!  But if I am going to join the legions of carb’ed-up foodies on the “treadmill to nowhere”, I need to remove the temptation in the fridge.  Ah Ha! Game Night!

It is not an App and you cannot DVR it.  You may post a pic on Facebook but this is a real life “social.”  It is the classic timeless “games of old.”  The ones you interact with that have actual human pulses.  You know, the ones that stimulate your intellect without dulling your retinal with radioactive waves (i.e., the boob tube). Yes, good ole’ game night, AKA get-rid-of-the-food-in-the-fridge night.

Step One

Shoot out a quick email to a few friends.


Step Two

Rummage through your fridge and pantry (the Gourmet Pantry would be so proud of me) and get those culinary creative juices flowing and make a menu.


Step Three

Go to the store and grab the few things you may need to complete your menu.  But do not, I repeat DO NOT spend more than $20 bucks.  The point is to get rid of food.


Step Four

Get your cook on!



Step Five

Let the games begin!

This was the menu:

Rosemary Buttered Popcorn with Cracker Jacks

Smoked Salmon with Dill and Caviar

Mid-west Deviled Eggs with Apple Compote

Meatloaf Meatballs

Home -made Individual Pizzas

Oatmeal Cinnamon Cookies with a Kiss




Rosemary Buttered Popcorn with Cracker Jacks


(1) Bag of your favorite plain microwave popcorn

3-5 sprigs of fresh rosemary (or dried if you don’t have it)

(1) Box of Cracker Jacks

1/2 cup melted butter


1. Pop the popcorn in microwave according to directions.

2. Empty popped popcorn in large bowl.

3. Remove needle leaves from rosemary and add to popcorn.

4. Add the Cracker Jacks and melted butter to popcorn and toss together.

5. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy



Our game of choice this evening was Scattergories.  And while my team lost, when you mix good food and good friends, you will always score in the end.


Bon Apetite!

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