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Restaurant Rewind – The Rendezvous for Wahoo

Posted February 27, 2012 by foodiesandfatties in Blog


Monday 70 degrees; Tuesday 68 degrees; Wednesday 40 degrees . . . what? Fickle Mother Nature gave me a gentle reminder today when I saw snow flurries a day after I was just thinking flip flops could be a part of my daily footwear.  I need winter relief! Looks like a rendezvous for Wahoo.

Full disclosure: Before the buzz of Wahoo coming to the east coast, I had never heard of the place.  I have been to the west coast plenty, Hawaii included, but I have never been into the coastal scene.  I do not know when surf season is and I have never “hanged ten”.  But there is one thing I can appreciate about the coastal culture, THEIR FOOD.

Yes, the Wahoo brothers’ stroke of genius came in ‘84 when they created the surf-inspired restaurant.  Before Chipotle became a craze, the concept of “create-a-dish” got its roots at Wahoo.  A logical fusion of fish tacos, Brazilian and Asian screams “surf!” The menu is the perfect collection of healthy carbs every surfer dude needs to tame a gnarly wave.

I may be new to the New York food scene but from what I know the “west meets east” is a roll of the dice. Avocado-crusted entrees are not as popular as a Katz deli option in the Big Apple.  Besides if it is not from New York, how good could it be, right?

The new Park Avenue location looks like it fits in well.  Only a week old and the outside looks like it has been among the restaurant row for a while. If it was not for the “Now Open” sign, I might have not known.  There may have been flurries of snow outside but inside, it was only a flurry of action.  The jam- packed location has started off well.

The vibe is high energy.  Let’s face it, this isn’t Michelin star or so radical in concept that I need to walk you through it all.  Imagine an oversized-surf shop with quality grub.  The 10-yard long descriptive menu was a bit overwhelming for a grommet like me.  Fortunately, the line was long enough that I stepped to the counter like a pro.

The Combo #2 would fill me just fine.  Step One: Pick your filling, carnitas enchilada and Cajun fish for the taco.  Step Two: Pick your beans, Cajun white.  Step Three: Pick your rice, white.  Add on the chicken tortilla soup, because no matter how many palm trees I look at, it is still cold, and Mr. Lee’s chili sauce and I was set.

This is quality stuff. The Cajun white beans give off just enough kick to not overwhelm me while the fish has a solid seasoning.  The pulled pork has decent depth that I enjoyed and wrapped nice in a fresh tortilla. The soup wasn’t from a can and it showed.

I left stoked (rather pleased) to have a sick (rather good) place to hang with taco kahunas.

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Bon Appetite

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