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The Best Meal of the Year – Part 1

Posted November 26, 2011 by foodiesandfatties in Blog


Of course “thanksgiving” is more than tender turkey carvings, addictively tart cranberries and all-american pies. It’s a time to reflect upon the many reasons we all have to be thankful for. A time to give thanks and receive it. But who are we kidding? We are Foodies and Fatties here and it is all about the F-O-O-D!

 I asked some of my fellow Foodies and Fatties how they prepared for and celebrated the best meal of the year. Salivate on this recap.


Mom’s Homemade Apple Crisp

Matt was too busy enjoying his meal to take pictures of it, but when it came to dessert he couldn’t resist but capture his mom’s culinary magic on film. A delectable blend of granny smith apples and pecans, with just a hint of cinnamon. This tasty delight is served warm and topped with a scoop of ice cream… And of course a little bit of love. Dig in!

Brad’s Country Club Thanksgiving

Brad flew back to Michigan for Thanksgiving with his family. Mom just had foot surgery so she wasn’t cooking dinner so the family headed up to the country club for a massive dinner. Country club life was not part of Brad’s upbringing, so the absolutely humongous spread of positively delicious food required more than a few photos. Check out the video.

Brad’s Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day was a little strange for me this year. I lost my dad in July and he loved this time of year. It’s very different without him. He loved spending time with his daughters on the holidays. I usually have Thanksgiving every year at my home and I was going to this year also. I had finally decided a week or so ago I was ready and that daddy would’ve wanted me to have it and then an unexpected occurrence within my personal life got in the way. A week ago I had another life changing event so I was now faced with making a decision.

How did THE FITTER FOODIE, MARION enjoy the gobble?

I spent Thanksgiving Day with my sister and brother in law. It’s funny how things happen. My sister and I had decided we were going to go to this restaurant for closure after selling dads home. We never got to go. She said “why don’t we just go out to eat”. I thought why not go there on Thanksgiving. The restaurant is called Daddy O’s and it’s in Hopewell Jct, NY. We thought it would be fitting since it had Daddy in the name.

Daddy O’s Restaurant Bar & Grill 3 Turner Street Hopewell Junction, NY (845) 221-3444 Mon – Thurs 11:00 – 10:00 Fri – Sat 11:00 – 11:00 Sunday 11:00 – 9:00 Lunch Everyday Lunch – Dinner Late NightKudos to Daddy O’s for helping to have a great Thanksgiving without my dad or my husband who was with his family this year. The food was excellent. They had Thanksgiving Day specials; from turkey, prime rib, lamb chop, seafood specials and ham and included everything else on their normal menu. For a holiday menu it was reasonably priced; the meals ranged from $14.99 – 26.99. It was a tantalizing array of taste sensations. I decided to have the traditional Turkey Day dinner. I had Turkey over stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, turnips, glazed sweet potato and cranberry sauce. It was very good; this is coming from someone who normally does not love turkey but they did a great job with it. I followed up with a cannoli and cappuccino – both very good also. My sister and her husband loved their meals also; they had a fried seafood platter and prime rib and shrimp I believe. All the sides were excellent for them also.


The restaurant is quaint and homey. They have brick walls and granite booth tables. For people who love to watch sports you can sit at the bar or at one of the tables and watch the game. The bar area is sectioned off so if you don’t’ want to be a part of it you do not have to. Our waiter was very nice and attentive. All in all I will give this restaurant a B+. The best part about it, if you are familiar at all with the Dutchess County Rail Trail is they offer free parking for your Rail Trail experience and it is the beginning of the trail so you can take a walk or ride your bike. They also offer seating outside. So, to sum it up: it’s great for sports viewing, reasonably priced, friendly staff, good food and nice atmosphere. Hooray! This place was a good find and we are glad it was part of our Thanksgiving experience.



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