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Posted October 26, 2011 by foodiesandfatties in burgermeisters

Hello Burger-lovers!  We are Brad and Matt, the Burgermeisters of BurgerWeekly.com.  Every week we go to a different burger joint, restaurant or food cart in the beautiful city of New York and let you know what we thought of them.  We’re not looking to critique every problem with every burger and be elitist about our meals.  There are other burger blogs for that.  We just want to sample every single notable burger the city has to offer and be a resource for other burger seekers.

Along the way we have encountered a scattered community of burger enthusiasts.  The knowledge they’ve shared with us has made us into better Burgermeisters, and here on Foodies & Fatties we’re going to pass that knowledge onto you.

Paul’s Da Burger Joint in the East Village is a notoriously delicious burger.  Well-seasoned meat and fresh ingredients have helped this greasy spoon become a staple of the neighborhood.  But Paul’s greatest treasure is a nameless waitress (we simply forgot to ask) who knows all the secrets to getting a burger delivered to your home in the best condition possible.

The Waitress shared with us these secrets, which she has learned because Paul’s does so much take-out and delivery business.  Her first tip; ask the burger joint to put the bun on the side.  We Burgermeisters agree with this one.  By the end of most of our Burger Adventures the buns have been soaked through by the juicy meat or whatever accoutrements have been added.  A bun on the side equals structural integrity during delivery.

The Waitress also suggested that one ask for the fries not to be wrapped in tin foil.  When we pressed as to how she suggested the fries be kept warm, we were ignored and told that the condensation that builds inside the tin foil would make the fries soggy.  We’ve decided to amend her suggestion and say that you do indeed opt for the tin foil wrapping, but ask that your fries be well done so that they can better fight off the moisture buildup.

The final and most vital tip we received is one that we couldn’t agree with it more.  If one wants their patty to arrive with any semblance of pink meat within, you must order it rare.  Because the restaurant will make some attempt to keep the burger warm during delivery, the burger will continue to cook itself in that time.  This isn’t a problem when the food is just going from the grill to your table.  However, when there is a longer journey for the patty to make, you have to compensate by ordering it rarer than you normally would.  This is crucial to anyone hoping for anything but a well-done burger to arrive.

We want to thank the Waitress from Paul’s for these words of wisdom.  You can read our review of Paul’s Da Burger Joint on BurgerWeekly.com.  The blog is updated with a new review every week.  You can also find us on Facebook.com/BurgerWeekly and Twitter.com/BurgerWeekly for links to our reviews and updates about our Burger Adventures.

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