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The Notorious P-I-G

Posted March 1, 2012 by foodiesandfatties in Blog



I love thee for thy succulence. I love thee for thy crisped skin. I love thee for thy inherited flavor. Yes, thy four- legged, portly friend, I love thee unconditionally.

Whether thy hail from the Berkshire, Yorkshire or Mangalitza, I hold not prejudice. Thy blushed skin or spotted hide could only belong to one pedigree of pride – the pig.  And today, we honor thee as “National Pig Day.”

In all seriousness, I am a devoted lover of pig.  Its versatility is revered my chefs of all backgrounds.  The “other -white meat” holds infinite possibility in cuisine.  From the hand-downed southern roots of chitlins to the artistic preparation of lardons, any enthusiast can write an encyclopedia of recipes and stories related to the notorious P-O-R-K.

National Pig Day is a day created to pay homage to the unsuspecting intelligent domesticated animal.  The debate wages on whether to give our friend “a break” on this day or feast on some of their many offerings.  I say put down the bacon, tell them to hold the pepperoni and skip the pulled pork sandwich today.

Have a pig party instead. Make a bowl of pink punch and tie a pink pig tail around a tree in honor of our selfless friends.  There is always another day for the crunch of pancetta and moist pork chop.  Today, we honor you porky, from the rooter to the tooter. Th-th-th-tha-tha-tha-that’s all, folks!

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