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The Top 5 Burger Adventures of 2011

Posted December 31, 2011 by foodiesandfatties in burgermeisters

The Top 5 Burger Adventures of 2011

Everyone loves lists, right? Well the Burgermeisters are no exception. Throughout the second half of 2011 Brad and Matt traveled all over New York City, week-by-week, sampling some of its most notorious burgers. Thirty burgers later, the following stood out as the cream of the crop for the two burger-lovers. Please forgive some of the bad photography, as many of these pictures came from the beginning of the Burgermeisters’ adventures and they didn’t quite know what they were doing when they started out.


5. Genesis: The Gaelic Burger was topped with Irish bacon, cheddar cheese, sauteed onions, lettuce and tomato. The bacon was full of flavor, not overly crispy, as close to perfection as bacon gets.

4. Paul’s Da Burger Joint: Matt’s mind was blown by the El Paso Burger. He loved the smashed burger texture. He noted how green and spicy the jalapenos were, obviously cut fresh and not from a jar. Though the bun was only alright and the burger was slightly overcooked, he kept praising the it as he devoured it.

3. Big Nick’s Burger Joint: The Zapata Burger, an eight ounce patty topped with cheddar, guacamole and bacon, was nothing extraordinary in overall taste, but according to Matt there were a lot of little things to make the meal memorable. He enjoyed the size of the patty, the perfection with which it was prepared and the toasted bun that held up throughout the meal. He said that the pickles were an excellent touch and that he was comfortably full when he was through. The guacamole really made the burger for him, however, adding a flavor that he commented on with each bite.

2. Minetta Tavern: The first thing that Matt noticed about the Black Label Burger was that the sesame seed bun was toasted perfectly and buttered immaculately. It tasted like a dream and held tough as the juicy patty rested on it. He was excited that the quality meat gave the burger a fancy taste appropriate for this fancy place

1. Black Iron Burger Shoppe: Of his Blackjack Burger, Matt said the chili and jalapeños gave his burger amazing spice, and that he needed a fork to clean the remnants of his burger off of his plate once the bun was gone. He said having the chili on top made him feel like he was eating two meals in one. He also said the bun was “the bomb.” Sigh.


5. Go Burger: The Ultimelt is Go Burger’s standard patty topped with caramelized onions and bacon, sandwiched between two grilled gruyere cheese sandwiches on slender rye bread. The sandwich was cut in half and stacked on top of itself, the cheese melting in such a way that the two halves melded together. The first bite put a smile on Brad’s face. As he continued to eat he couldn’t put his finger on which particular ingredient was giving him so much joy until all that remained was a bite of burger patty. It was the meat all along. He enjoyed the new dill pickle quite a bit, though not as much as he would a more sour dill pickle.

4. Vintry: The Kobe Beef Burger’s patty, topped with gruyère cheese & wild mushrooms, was incredibly flavorful. All of the ingredients were distinguishable on their own while simultaneously complimenting one another. Though Brad is known as an enemy toward Rabbit Food, he felt it was safe to adorn the small burger with the lettuce and cherry tomato provided. The result was marvelous. He swooned embarrassingly with every bite, possibly gaining the attention of his neighbors at the bench-style table. With his last bite he decided that the lightly buttered bun was the piece that brought the entire meal together. The patty was incredibly juicy, but the small bun held together and never wavered.

3. P.J. Clarke’s: Brad suggested that the Cadillac Burger might be topped with the best bacon in Burger Weekly history. His burger was prepared more to his liking than at any place he’d been to before. Though the structural integrity of the bun gave way, the flavor of the patty, onions and bacon more than made up for the mess.

2. Minetta Tavern: Brad could see the pink of his burger before taking the first bite. Having never seen this before, Brad wondered if he’d flown too close to the sun ordering the Black Label Burger medium rare at Minetta. As it turns out, he didn’t get burned but rather was left with a healthy tan. The flavor or the burger was explosive. Brad said he tasted the flavor on every part of his mouth

1. Black Iron Burger: Brad had no trouble getting his Iron Horse Burger, a double pattied affair with horseradish cheddar and grilled onions, down the hatch. He was initially hesitant to get the burger because he doesn’t love horseradish, but the cheese perfectly complimented the intense flavor of the patty, the sesame seed bespeckled bun and the perfectly grilled onions.

2011 provided the Burgermeisters with good times and amazing burgers. In 2012 they will go on twice as many burger adventures, and they hope you come along for the ride!

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