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Watch Barack Obama Very Publicly Endorse Roscoe’s

Posted October 27, 2011 by foodiesandfatties in Blog

Watch Barack Obama Very Publicly Endorse Roscoe’s

The POTUS stopped by The Tonight Show last night and took a break from talking about ho-hum things like the Iraqi troop pullout, or the way the entire country is falling into a deep hole of failure and despair, to talk about something more uplifting: chicken and waffles! Specifically, Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘n Waffles. The guy loves it! Especially with the hot sauce. And how does Michelle Obama, healthy-eating-advocate extraordinaire and soon-to-be cookbook author, feel about such indulgences? “Her point is, just in moderation,” says the president. “So she does not get upset as long as it’s not every day.” Fair enough, but it’s probably still for the best that Paula Deen had been on the show the night before Obama stopped by. Check out the clip, straight ahead.


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